Family of the Earth Initiative is an agreement by the businesses or individuals to build a better relationship with our natural environment on a daily basis. Each of us pledges to: 
1. Reduce fuel use by
Organizing errands, ride sharing when possible and safe
Not driving one day per week. 

 2. Keep ourselves and others healthy by using non-toxic products

3.  Requesting non-toxic products where none exist. 

4.  Think creatively about how to reuse gadgets and products for home or business. 

 5.  Stop pouring toxins down the drain and destroying water quality.

 6.  Examine every action in daily life and consider how it impacts our world.

 7.  Gently help others follow this initiative in maintaining and building a better relationship with our natural environment.

 8.  Remember every day that each of us is a member of the Family of the Earth

9.  Realize that all of my actions affect the natural world, including animals. 

10.  Join in the effort of working together to build a sustainable world.

Charlene created the Water Flower series, advocating for the preservation of safe, clean drinking water
Hand-built porcelain sculpture
Charlene Potter

​environmental artist 

Charlene created the Endangered Floral sculptures advocating for the preservation of Endangered plants all over the world.  

​​ Events

County-City Gallery Exhibition, Lincoln Nebraska June-August 2018


Bone Creek Museum - 150 for Nebraska's 150th Exhibtion - May/June 2017 


Burkholder Project Show - April 2017


Stuhr Museum Wings Over the Platte - 2017

Charlene is honored to be one of the artist at the Burkholder Project, in Lincoln, NE 
Florence Farmer's Market
Summer 2016
Nebraska Womens Art Caucus Show July 2016, November, December, January, 2016
Bellevue Artist Association
LaCasa Show, Bellevue University Show, Silver Palette Award Exhibit 2016

RoseWood Environmental Art

Blue Pentstemon