Charlene Potter is a caring environmental artist.  Her artistic passion is centered around hand-built porcelain clay with intricacy of nature as her primary inspiration.  After attaining her BFA from Bellevue University, Charlene found porcelain clay leading her into a world of leaves and flowers and the wonderment of nature.  

Her current body of work seeks to reflect this perfection of nature through hand-built porcelain sculpture. 

In recent years, Charlene has experienced renewed professional growth and opportunities as a ceramist.  Over the next 5 years Charlene plans to attend artist residency programs to work on the perfection of her sculpture process.  

Her series, “Water Flowers,” seeks to bring awareness of the importance of water quality and highlight the beauty of endangered plants.  She has most recently created the Small White Lady Slipper Orchid which is on the Nebraska Endangered/Threatened list.  Currently, Charlene is has completed the Green Pitcher Plan sculpture, and four Cardamine species, and the Stanhopea cirrhata orchid.  All of these species are  endangered plants.  

Charlene is a member of the National Women’s Caucus of Art and the NWCA Eco-Art committee for 2016/17. 

Charlene currently has sculptures on display at the Burkholder Project Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska.​

Artist mission statement: 

To create art in an inspirational manner that includes the promotion of awareness and protection of all our natural spaces and the animals that live there.

Artist Statement: 

In my art, I take the viewer on a metaphysical journey into nature, animals and life.  Through my art the viewer is transported to the fifth dimension of art-the next dimension of creativity. What is the fifth dimension of art? I believe the fifth dimension of art is inward, underneath the outside layer. I believe we will not advance as humans until we look beneath the outside layer of everything, human, plant, and animal to the very soul of its existence. That is not to say other layers should not be explored.

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